Here to meet the information, knowledge and reading needs of the Minersville Community.

General Information

Who May Borrow?

    Library cards are free to all residents of Schuylkill County.  New residents must have proof of residency.  Anyone possessing a library card from another library participating in the Statewide Library Card program can receive a Minersville library card free of charge.  Children under the age of 16 years of age must have a parent or guardian co-sign the application. 

Loan Period

    All library materials are 3 week loans, except rotating videos which are only a 2 day loan.

Fines / Fees

    Fines for printed materials is 20¢ a day or a maximum of $5.00. Fines for audiovisual materials is $1 a day or a maximum of $7.00.


In September the Minersville Public Library holds its annual mail out fund drive campaign.  This drive is the initial funding source for the library.  The library depends on these funds to operate.

State Aid money is based on local fund expenditures.  It is required that we spend 12% of total income on materials.  With the cuts in State Aid we did not meet these requirements for the past two years.

The Borough of Minersville donates $10,000 yearly to the library, plus maintains our grounds, provides the library with water, sewer, and garbage.

Grants are available for particular projects.  These projects must be new and the library must maintain them with their own moneys. The Snayberger Foundation and The Martha M. Herbert & Michael J. Herbert, M.D. Charitable Trust are utilized yearly.

Resources for Seniors


Administration on Aging:

Benefits Check Up:

Eldercare Locator:

Family Caregiver Alliance:

Meals on Wheels:


National Council on Aging:

Senior Living Map:



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