Here to meet the information, knowledge and reading needs of the Minersville Community.

Electronic Services

Public Computer Access

Don't have a computer at home, but need one for something important to be typed or researched?

No worries, here at the library we have 5 computers that are available for the public use, as long as you meet the specified requirements, that is.

In order to gain access to a computer, you must have a library card with you as you will need it as you are required to sign a sheet at the librarians desk.

Computer use is strictly for internet research; as long as it pertains to educational, informational, and recreational purposes.

Please be courteous to our rules.

Black & White Copies of printed paper are 20¢ each and Colored Copies 30¢ each.

Word processing is also available. CD disks are NOT allowed.

WiFi Access

Are the library's computers all taken?

Relax, if you own a laptop, we have a free wireless service available.

In order to use this service, please ask the librarian at the main desk for more info.

Use of Copier Machine

Need something copied?

Our copy machine service allows you to copy anything you need, as long as it's appropriate.

Black & White Copies are 20¢ each and Colored Copies 30¢ each.

Use of Faxing Machine

Need something to be faxed?

The Minersville Public Library's faxing service allows you to send faxes for $2.00 plus 10¢ for each page sent.

Loan Services

Large Print Books

Choose from a wide variety of books, and read, as you'll escape from reality and venture into new worlds with each book as you'd like to imagine them.

Books may only be taken out as long as 3 weeks, unless renewed.


Wanna watch a movie that isn't costly?

Here at the library you can choose from a variety of movies at which you may borrow for a period of 2 days.


Here we have a variety of audiobooks in which you may borrow. The borrowing period for these is 3 weeks.


Wanna read a magazine or the newspaper?

We have current subscriptions to 20 periodical titles.

Interlibrary Loan

Don't have the book you wanted?

Don't worry, our interlibrary service allows us to borrow books from another library, thus ensuring you get the book and read you had wanted.

Just ask for the book you want, and we'll make sure you'll receive.

Children Services

Educational Toys and Puzzles

Does your child love to play and have fun, while in a learning enviornment?

Here we have a collection of educational toys and puzzles which are available to play and learn from within our library. There are occasions where we'd let the children take the toys and/or puzzles to home with them.

Literacy Kits

Thanks to a preschool collection grant we have acquired a set of literacy kits.

These kits are for parents to check out and to use with their child for learning and simply having fun with stories. Each kit has items and/or puppets pertaining to the story and an activity sheet to reinforce the story.


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